Ferrara, the city Renaissance World Heritage Site Unesco , awaits you lying in in the middle of the Po valley between Emilia and Veneto, like an elegant lady with immortal charm.

Ferrara & egrave; a casket of architectural treasures and medieval alleys in which to breathe a magical atmosphere. Awaiting you are the majesty & agrave; of the Castello Estense surrounded by the moat of water (one of the few in Europe), the splendid Cathedral, the green Piazza Ariostea where the ancient Palio di Ferrara run , the Palazzo dei Diamanti , home to important exhibitions and the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara with a rich program of concerts and theatrical performances.

The Estense Student's Hostel, with its central and strategic position, offers you the possibility; to visit all the attractions offered by the city. But let's see them separately:

  1. Estense Castle
    The castle built in 1385 to defend the Este family, preserves the typical structure of the medieval fortress from that period, while the marble balconies and roof terraces remind us the period in which, in the sixteenth century, the building was transformed into the residence of the Ducal Court. The decorations are the work of the Philippi school (16th century).


  2. Cathedral
    The Cathedral dedicated to Saints George and Maurelio, patrons of the city, is a harmonious whole of solidity; romantic and exquisite Gothic elegance.
    Cathedral Square, - tel. 0532 207449

  3. Municipal Theater
    Designed by Antonio Foschini at the end of the eighteenth century, & egrave; famous for its rich seasons of prose, dance, opera and concerts. Guided visits are possible on request.
    Corso Martiri della Libert & agrave ;, 5 - tel. 0523 218326
    Municipal Theater of Ferrara

  4. Palazzo dei Diamanti
    Made unmistakable by the original diamond-shaped coating, it is; attributed to Biagio Rossetti. The rooms on the first floor house the National Picture Gallery. On the ground floor the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art.
    Corso Ercole I d'Este, 21 Palazzo dei Diamanti

  5. Casa Romei
    Casa Romei & egrave; a unique example of a building between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The rooms on the ground floor host rich Gothic decorations and a small lapidary. On the main floor, the elegant sixteenth-century apartment contains refined decorations and antique furniture.
    Via Savonarola, 30 - tel. 0532 240341 ​​

  6. Ludovico Ariosto House
    The house was built by the poet in the last years of his life, around 1528, probably based on a design by Girolamo da Carpi. It houses documents and personal objects of Ariosto.
    Via Ariosto, 67 - tel. 0532 244949

  7. Museum of the Cathedral
    Located in the Church of San Romano & egrave; consisting of objects that belonged to the Cathedral including the doors of the organ of Cosm & egrave; Tura, the tiles of the destroyed Porta dei Mesi, sculptures by Jacopo della Quercia and splendid sixteenth-century tapestries.
    Via San Romano - tel. 0532 244949

  8. Museo Sant'Antonio in Polesine
    Founded in the 13th century by the Beata Beatrice d'Este, it has chapels with frescoes ranging from the Giotto and Byzantine school to the Renaissance.
    Via Gambone - tel. 0532 64068

  9. Synagogues and Jewish Museum
    The large building of the Synagogues (German Synagogue, Fanese Temple, Italian Synagogue) houses the Jewish Museum, rich in documents and objects that illustrate Jewish traditions and history of the Jews of Ferrara.
    Via Mazzini, 95 - tel. 0532 210228

  10. Oratorio dell'Annunziata
    It houses the precious frescoes by Ferrarese artists of the '500 with the stories of the Holy Cross.
    Via Borgo di Sotto, 49 - tel. 0532 741009

  11. Church of San Giorgio
    First Cathedral of Ferrara of the 7th century AD, it was rebuilt in the 15th century by Biagio Rossetti and then remodeled in later times.
    Piazzale San Giorgio , 29 - tel. 0532 62231

  12. Civic Museum of Natural History
    The Museum is; articulated in the sections of Zoology,